Rogue Universe brings intergalactic strategy to Android and iOS


The year is 1983. Interdimensional travel is a new reality, and three factions vie for control of the galaxy. Also, there are dogs with spectacles and bears with Tommy guns, apparently. This is the world of MUSTGAMES’s newly announced Android and iOS strategy title Rogue Universe, which will see players “engage in galactic battles while venturing through the universe and building up their fleet and crew.”

Throughout the game, players will recruit crew members from a cast of unique characters, build and upgrade “more than 20 different ships and bases,” and “explore the depths of the universe, gather resources, and fight or defend their bases against other players.” In addition to its “extensive mission mode,” which sees players taking on assignments with or against the game’s three factions, the game also includes various PvE and PvP modes as well as the ability for players to form guilds, forge alliances, and go into battle with their allies. Rogue Universe is currently available on Android and iOS in Canada and is slated for international release early next year.

Source: Press Release

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