Guild Wars 2 bringing Roller Beetle races to Tyria next week


Ladies and gentlemen, take your starting positions and rev up your — beetles? That’s right: Next week, ArenaNet is bringing the high-speed thrills of Roller Beetle racing to Guild Wars 2. Fan reaction seems to be somewhat mixed, with many players excited to get their insect-jockey fix, and just as many others asking for something a bit more substantial.

And while some players are suggesting that this may be a prelude to the release of the next Living Story episode in the imminent future, it seems unlikely that we’re going to get anything too huge this week, what with the upcoming holidays for those of us in the States (which includes ArenaNet, of course). Regardless, though, the Roller Beetle races should provide a fun diversion for the holiday week while ArenaNet preps whatever’s coming next for the game. You can check out a short teaser for the races in ArenaNet’s tweet just below.

Source: Twitter
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I don’t personally give a shit about it but I’m not self absorbed enough to know that it’s something popular that a lot of people have been asking for, and that it’s a casual form of Open World End Game that doesn’t involve Raids so it’s got my support none the less.