Hi-Rez Expo 2018: Get free goodies for SMITE, Paladins, and Realm Royale


It’s a well-known fact that players who attend cons get a hold of free swag. But Hi-Rez isn’t leaving out the folks at home who couldn’t make it to this fall’s expo, which came months earlier than expected. From now until December 16th, 2018, players can claim special goody packs for SMITE, Paladins, and Realm Royale — all for free. These include gods and heroes, voice packs, skins, and even currency. These bundles can be claimed once per account.


Each platform has separate redemption procedures for the Arena Bundle. Players can claim via Steam, their Hi-Rez account, or the console store. Full instructions are found on the official site. The bundle includes seven gods:

  • Pele
  • Anubis
  • Nu Wa
  • Khepri
  • Odin
  • Cu Chulainn
  • Medusa

Eight different skins are also included:

  • Righteous Hammer Thor
  • Imperator Khepri
  • Typhoon Kukulkan
  • Battle Maiden Bellona
  • Hound of Ulster Cu Chulainn
  • Amethyst Nu Wa
  • Raven’s Throne Odin
  • Worldweaver Neith


The Starter Pack is available only on Steam. Claiming it unlocks the four heroes, each with a cosmetic skin and a voice pack:

  • Dredge, Admiral of the Abyss
  • Koga, The Lost Hand
  • Furia, Angel of Vengeance
  • Khan, Primus of House Aico

Realm Royale

The Close Encounters Bundle offers players an otherworldly Cluckmorph chicken skin and 100 crowns to spend on more skins, effects, and more. Who wouldn’t want to be a space chicken? This can only be claimed via Steam.

Massively Overpowered was on the ground in Atlanta for Hi-Rez Expo 2018, bringing you expert coverage on SMITE, Paladins, and everything else the Hi-Rez substudios have up their sleeve!
Disclosure: In accordance with Massively OP’s ethics policy, we must disclose that Hi-Rez paid for our writer’s travel to and accommodation at this event. Hi-Rez has neither requested nor been granted any control or influence over our coverage of the event.

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A few companies smell Blizzard blood in the water.

Bruno Brito

True, but this is more of an effort to save these games competitive scene.