Valiance Online recaps progress on environments and icons, promises a ‘long read’ on the way


Remember earlier in November when Valiance Online company Silverhelm Studios promised it would increase its communication with its community with biweekly updates on the progress of the City of Heroes-inspired superhero MMORPG? “Many members of the community have spoken out about our lack of official news updates,” the studio noted at the time. “We’ve spent some time developing a reasonable schedule that will allow for more frequent and consistent updates. We often wait until we reach large milestones or have important updates that we feel should be shared. However, starting this month, our new goal is to provide bi-weekly news updates, regardless of how much was accomplished that week.”

Welp, you’re getting what you asked for: Silverhelm has a new update out, and it looks small on paper. On screen. You get me. The studio says it continued work on the San Cielo environment, 3D meshes, crafting workbenches and enhancements, UI art, character level locks, AI optimization, icons, and DirextX 12 support. Perhaps the better news is that even more info is on the way:

“Next week we’ll be sharing a detailed blog regarding each department’s progress, as well as images of all progress on each topic. Look forward to a long read, with much discussion.”


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Magnus Itland

I am still throwing some dollars at Valiance Online now and then, since it is the only of the three main CoH “successors” that actually can be tested right now. That kind of honesty deserves some small reward, I think, even though (or even because) it reveals how much they still have left to do. Ship of Heroes has some great videos and I look forward to the (delayed) login test and later raid tests, but that is all in the future. City of Titan still has release date in “Fall 2018”, I think? Nobody except the devs knows how far along they actually are (or not) since we can’t actually log in.

Kickstarter Donor

They never should have moved out of pre-alpha until there was much more of a game to play. They usually get some good momentum then poof, they disappear. I don’t see donations flowing more freely until they get over a certain hump where at least the UI and character creator look/act more polished, combat feels more solid(as in animations, sounds, mob AI, flow, etc) and there is decent mission structure for the first 10-15 levels. The city, chat system, enhancements and other systems can wait. There just feels like there are too many gaping holes to leave any good first impressions. I’m still rooting for them but damn it is hard to see any real progress at this time.