Diablo III PTS patch reworks class set bonuses, adds quality-of-life improvements

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This Wednesday, November 21st, Blizzard will be bringing the Diablo III PTS up to give players the opportunity to preview and test the game’s next update, patch 2.6.4, which brings with it some quality-of-life updates, a new seasonal buff, and balance updates to class armor sets. On the quality-of-life front, the update will add five additional armory tabs for all characters, the ability to store rift keystones in the materials tab rather than the main inventory, and clearer notifications when Primal Legendaries drop, which should help ensure that players don’t miss out on any of their shiny loot.

The update also tweaks Greater Rifts by making it so that players can no longer alter their Paragon points while a Greater Rift is open, as the devs feel that “the gameplay of micro-managing Paragon points during the course of a Greater Rift doesn’t feel like especially engaging gameplay.” The main focus of the update, however, is the new season, Season of Grandeur, and its corresponding buff, which gives all players the legendary power from the Royal Ring of Grandeur, reducing the number of set pieces required to trigger a set bonus by one. This, in conjunction with the patch’s tuning pass on class set bonuses, should allow players to mix and match sets to pull off some interesting new builds. For all the details, you can check out the full PTR patch notes over at the game’s official site.

Of course, player reception to this news has been lukewarm, to say the least, as the fanbase is still busy making fun of Blizzard for the Diablo Immortal fiasco. So it goes.

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