Fortnite Battle Royale announces Winter Royale online tournament series


Last month, Fortnite Battle Royale rolled out its online tournament system with the Fall Skirmish series, which has since come to a close, but competitive Fortnite players have plenty more to look forward to, as Epic Games has just announced the Winter Royale tournament series. Since the online tournament system “will be used next year to determine participants in the Fortnite World Cup,” the Winter Royale series will serve as a test event “that will emulate the World Cup Qualification process.”

Despite being a test event of sorts, however, the Winter Royale series still has plenty of prizes on offer for competitive players: “The Solo test events will consist of two parts, the Winter Royale Qualifiers and the Winter Royale Finals, which will have a total of $1,000,000 in prizes up for grabs.” The Qualifiers will be held from November 24th to November 25th, during which players will compete to earn the highest scores and to try to secure their spots in the Finals. The Europe Winter Royale Finals will be held from November 30th to December 1st, and the North American Finals will take place from December 11th to December 12th.

Throughout the Winter Royale series, there will also be a number of “Pop-Up Cups,” which the devs describe as “the equivalent of Competitive LTMs where we can test large adjustments in a more competitive environment.” Each Pop-Up Cup will have its own unique rulesets and game adjustments, so competitive players will have to adapt to the changes if they want to emerge victorious.

And in other Fortnite news, members of the game’s Reddit community might remember that a couple of months ago, Reddit user tfoust10 posted his eight-year-old son’s idea for a Fortnite skin, which he dubbed the Chicken Trooper. The concept was then given a bit of polish by another user, Etsyturtle2, who also provided it with the catchy name of Tender Defender. It looks like Epic has taken to the design, as dataminer @FBR_Fortnitee has dug up images of a new skin that looks almost identical to the Tender Defender concept, suggesting that the skin will soon make its way into the game.