Red Dead Redemption 2 has shriveling horse balls, but your own toon’s got nothin’, nude mod reveals


While you bide your time waiting for Red Dead Online’s beta, you can always hop into the real game, Red Dead Nudes. Sorry, I mean Red Dead Redemption 2, the PS4 version of which has now been blessed (?) with a nude mod for the game’s protagonist, thanks (?) to an anonymous modder.

Underneath it all, however, Arthur is a bit of a Ken doll and lacks his fun bits; apparently, Rockstar didn’t build in genitalia. This will either be a relief or a maddening turn of events, depending on your view.

We just need to point out here that the horses in this game are more anatomically correct than the human male player character┬ácomplete with “dynamic testicle physics.” Then again, given what gross people have already done with the female NPCs, maybe this is for the best.

As MP1st notes, this is nothing since the game has yet to launch on PC. PC modders will have the character replete in dangly bits, plus Thrall-style shoulderpads and dual-wield lightsabers in no time.

Source: MP1st via VG247
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