Wild West Online’s battle royale spinoff Magnificent 5 hits open beta


Back in October, Wild West Online admitted defeat and renewal: After launching seemingly early and inarguably poorly in May, the 612 Games vowed a do-over in July, only to see the studio all but fold by August when it couldn’t meet payroll due to low sales and player concurrency. Last month, the devs revealed the game had been rescued by Sergey Titov’s Free Reign Entertainment and would be splitting into two free-to-play versions under the new development team: Frontier, which is basically the same ol’ survival PvP sandbox, and Magnificent 5, which is a battle royale.

If that second one appealed to you for some reason and you aren’t already saturated with battle royale, then know that Magnificent 5 has hit open beta this week. It looks as if all you need do is whip up a free-to-play account and you’re in, just note that it’s not on Steam.

“Welcome to the Battle Royale Wild West style – where teams of 5 players fight it out to become last team standing. Large dynamic world filled with player constructed fortifications and destructible buildings, dozens of authentic old west guns and of course horses.”

Wild West Frontiers, however, is still flagged “coming soon.”

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