Rend aims higher with its combat and streamlines its crafting


Acknowledging that Rend’s combat was both imbalanced and lacking useful feedback, Frostkeep Studios has been hard at work this fall shoring up one of the game’s core systems. This includes rebalancing weapons, adding visual and audio cues, including “noise discipline” and sound discipline, and letting you fire while jumping.

And combat isn’t the only core system that got some major love with the recent Patch 6.1. This early access update tackled crafting to make it a more “streamlined” experience. Players should have an easier go finding a recipe they want and won’t have as much difficulty crafting early-game items.

“Starting with our latest patch and continuing with future major game updates, our internal quality assurance testing will be likely be followed with patches spending some time on the player-accessible PTR (Public Test Realm) for community feedback,” Frostkeep said.

Source: Rend, patch notes

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