Star Wars: The Old Republic is testing easier acquisition and upgrades for Masterwork gear


The designers on Star Wars: The Old Republic aren’t totally happy with some quirks of the Masterwork gearing system at the moment. It’s too difficult to acquire pieces via PvP gameplay, it makes more sense to simply bypass the 252 gear in favor of 258 gear (making for fewer upgrades and slower overall gearing), and players simply don’t have enough opportunities to pick up new gear. Thus, some changes are being rolled out to the game’s test server to smooth out the curve and give more opportunities for upgrades along the way.

With the new system of rewards, players who do weekly missions can reliably pick up at least two pieces of 252 gear every week, and you can reliably break down 252 gear into Unassembled Components for more crystals to serve as an upgrade. PvP players also will have new quests to help raise reputation while still participating in PvP if you’d prefer to avoid PvE altogether. While the changes require some testing, it should make the gear more straightforward, reduce the need to leapfrog upgrades, and generally just work better all around.

Source: Official Site via Dulfy

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Battlemaster bags 3.0. Galactic Command Classic 2.0. Brilliant.

And yet somehow this game continues to shamble along. They can’t possibly be making any money at this point. My wager is still on this being a contract stipulation of the Star Wars license.