MapleStory 2 outlines big changes coming to the game’s dungeon and raid rewards

This is very rewarding.

Players haven’t had a whole lot of time to get a sense of what does or doesn’t work in MapleStory 2’s endgame, but there have already been some problems noted by the developers, which is why there are big changes coming to the gearing structure. As it stands right now, it was too difficult to target specific slots for upgrade and players were encouraged to run the same dungeon over and over, but the revamped structure makes harder dungeons more rewarding, gives specific slot rewards for each of three dungeon tiers, and encourages more specific targeting for upgrades.

Chaos Raids are also getting a new difficulty to help bridge the gap between hard dungeons and the current tier of raids, along with further changes to gearing and power levels. It’s a lot of tweaks for the endgame structure to keep things smooth and engaging; hop on over to the latest producer’s letter to get a full sense of the way progression will look.