Guild Wars 2’s GuildMag is available until December 4


Are you eager to read a swanky magazine about all the latest fashions and trends in Tyria? The Guild Wars 2 2018 GuildMag has you covered. Within its pages you can find art, editorials, fiction, and the latest fashion trend that’s sweeping the world (other than having long trailing cloth wrapped most of the way around your waist, that’s eternal). And you can support a good cause while you’re at it!

If you’ve missed previous incarnations, the magazine is produced for and by members of the community as part of a charity initiative. Each order funds a $5 donation to World Child Cancer, which as the name implies allows children worldwide access to life-saving cancer treatments. Thus, you can get the hottest Tyrian magazine in the real world (and quite possibly the only one) and also support children getting cancer treatment, which is an unambiguous good thing. Just make sure to place your orders before December 4th to get in on the fun.

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Randy Savage

What’s a magazine?

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François Verret

What an excellent idea.