Nexon reveals more details about its upcoming mobile MMO Traha


Earlier this month, Nexon previewed a whole boatload of games that it would be showing off at this year’s G-Star game-dev conference, among them “high-end mobile MMO” Traha. Now that G-Star has come and gone, we’ve got some more details about the upcoming title, the first project from indie studio Moai Games.

According to information from Korean media interviews compiled by MMOCulture, the Traha team is surprisingly frank about their aspirations for the title: “The development team admitted Traha does not have any particular strength which makes it stand out. They are just concentrating on making a good game and hopes the effort put into Traha will be the differentiating factor.” The devs also discussed the difficulties of developing for mobile devices, saying that although technical limitations aren’t as much of an issue due to advances in mobile hardware since the game began development, the team is still working to “improve and simplify combat due to the limitations of mobile devices” to provide a smooth, high-quality experience.

Specific details on the game are still somewhat scarce, but we do know that the game will feature six combat classes, which players can swap between at any time by simply changing weapons, as well as a number of “non-combat roles” such as cook, blacksmith, craftsman, and explorer. If you want to see the game in action, MMOCulture has 43 minutes of demo footage from the G-Star convention, which you can check out just below.

Source: MMOCulture
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