World of Warships battles Brits and hails Halloween


World of Warships is steaming ahead with a whole lot of content in Patch 0.7.11. Don’t let the extra decimal places fool you: This patch is packed with plenty of activities, starting with the final round of the Royal Navy event.┬áBy completing a certain number of missions, players can earn bonus rewards, including camos and eventually the Cossack destroyer.

If that’s not your game, then how about some ever-popular battle royale? World of Warships has it in the form of twilight battles, where ships duke it out in a sea where “filth” starts to encroach along the borders. And since ’tis the season, the whole activity is Halloween-themed. Who wouldn’t want a tentacle-wrapped ship?

There’s a whole bunch more with this update, including season 4 of clan battles, a change-up to the arsenal, further testing of Thunderstorm Front, matchmaker optimization, and more.


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