Blade & Soul previews weapon and gear updates ahead of its Theater of Mystery patch


The next update for Blade and Soul arrives on December 5th, and your gear will never be the same. Specifically, a lot of it will be easier to improve; the costs on improving Grand Celestial Weapons, Riftwalk/Dawnforged Weapons, Galaxy Weapons, Raven Weapons, and more are getting tuned down. There’s also a new cap on gem slots for Legendary Weapons, as players will be able to get eight gem slots.

Players will also get the option to re-order characters on the character select screen, an ever useful quality-of-life buff. There’s also a new cap for Hongmoon Points and the addition of consumable Hongmoon Scrolls to earn those points, the conversion of old items into Bloodstone Fragments, and other assorted changes. Check out the full rundown ahead of the actual patch on the official site, as it should give you a pretty comprehensive picture of how your gear will be changing. Or can be changed further. Gear is like that.


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It’s not bad. These changes are in line with what many BnS players have come to expect over the holidays. Legendary weapons and accessories go through this about once a year and it does make it easier for the less than hardcore to catch up.

A few things stand out.

The conversion of several PvP into one standard is appreciated. It was confusing to say the least.

The addition and reductions for Celestial gear have a trickle-down effect which means more clans will have success in the top tier raid. That is good news for the game as many more players will participate in end game raiding. Vortex Temple, second from the top, will also become more accessible and items therein cheaper.

But, most importantly. The level curve reduction in Hongmoon experience will allow players to reap better rewards and progress faster into endgame gear. This is great for new players just hitting HM levels after cap as well as veteran players who are virtually at a standstill. Great for alts too.

So, very nice. But, we will need more from NCwest to keep the game relevant.


…still awaiting on that Lyn Warden progression though. :(


*several PvP currencies