EVE Online releases its monthly economic report from October

Sure, explosions are great, but have you ever looked at graphs.

If anyone is unclear as to why jokes are made about EVE Online being spreadsheets in space, perhaps you could point them to the monthly economic report issued by the development team. It’s a large number of spreadsheets about space. If you want to do a detailed breakdown of the game’s economic indicators or the regions of space in which the largest amount of ISK is being destroyed? It’s all there for you to download and analyze.

The latest report covers the month of October and carefully tracks all of the game’s economic indicators, including region-by-region analysis showing the biggest production hotspots (Delve), the most destruction-filled regions (The Forge), and the places with the largest number of exports (Sinq Laison). It’s all useful data for those who want to pick apart the game’s economy, analyze its health, and determine where the game is going and how to focus production moving forward. It’s also useful for those who really love spreadsheets in their video games. We know you’re out there.


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Wilhelm Arcturus

Hah, I love when I see that screen shot! It was in one of my posts and somebody at CCP liked it (CCP Manifest I think) and started using it in some of their dev blogs and it began spreading from there.

The October MER is kind of messed up. They left out some of the charts, posted some other ones that were from August rather than October, and the regions of Fade and Cache went missing completely. (There is a theory about why that happened though.)

I think CCP Larrikin, who took over the report when CCP Quant left, hadn’t recovered from Vegas and the Onslaught expansion release when he posted it.