Fallout 76 goes on steep sale while fans uncover a Skyrim connection

This is where you end with your games that require mods. Forever recall this.

Ready for a bit of “huh, that’s weird” for a Monday morning? We sure hope so because it turns out that Fallout 76 is being sold for $35 on Amazon. That’s a 42% discount and also, well, very unusual for a game that was released not so long ago at all. It’d be one thing if the game were several months old, but… no, it’s just weird. This is just a weird, weird fact.

Here’s another weird one for you, though. It looks like a large chunk of the code in Fallout 76 is cut and pasted from the Xbox 360 version of Skyrim. That includes Kinect compatibility commands. So does that make this a very elaborate Skyrim mod? Is it really that unusual to cut and paste sections of code like this? Is it really even that big of a deal? We’re not going to tell you any of that. We are going to tell you that this is weird, because… well, this is the sort of thing to make you say “huh, that’s weird.” Just as promised.

Source: Twitter, Amazon; thanks to Schmidt and Gregg for the tips!
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