Go dungeon-delving for fabulous rewards in Elder Scrolls Online’s Undaunted Celebration event


This week, The Elder Scrolls Online is kicking off its Undaunted Celebration event, giving players the opportunity to earn loot-filled grab bags and progress another step toward receiving their Nascent Indrik Mounts.

From Thursday, November 29th, until Wednesday, December 5th, completing a random dungeon through the game’s dungeon finder will grant players Mysterious Reward Boxes (once per day, per character), which “has a chance to include some useful items and collectibles, including style pages, costumes, pets, mounts, and (in some rare cases) homes.” That’s right: There’s a chance to pull an entire house out of these grab bags. And if you’re super-duper-ultra lucky — like, outrageously, cheat-death-then-win-the-lottery lucky — your Mysterious Reward Box might even contain a treasure trove of over 130 mounts.

Moreover, for the duration of the Undaunted Celebration, players will also be able to earn more Event Tickets that can be exchanged for the third of four Indrik Feathers necessary to summon the Nascent Indrik Mount. Players can earn three tickets per day, per account by simply defeating a dungeon’s final boss, which will drop the Event Tickets alongside its regular loot. Once you’ve got 10 of them, you can take them to the Impresario and trade them for the new Onyx Indrik Feather (as well as any previous feathers you may have missed). For the full details on the Undaunted Celebration event, be sure to check out the announcement post on the game’s official site.

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