Lost Ark is rumored to start Chinese beta testing soon

Well, that's something.

The mess that has been the Chinese game industry shutdown is affecting every corner of the world, but it’s not really a shock that Lost Ark would have some pretty sharp reactions to it. The title is still in testing in South Korea, after all, and it had some testing problems with influxes of Chinese players. But there are rumors flying now that the game is getting ready for beta testing to begin in China, which coincides with Tencent bringing down the game’s Chinese website to transition to an HTTPS server.

Of course, it’s all just rumors at the moment; it could be that none of this is going as planned, or it could be that Lost Ark had already been approved ages ago and its extensive delays have not altered that approval. Whatever the case, we can only hope for the sake of Chinese players starved for new imports that this is indeed happening. It’d certainly be a feather in the cap of everyone involved – and maybe one more step toward global release.

Source: MMO Culture

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Jo Watt

Could have sworn like last week it was translated that due to the chinese gaming market they would go with others first then come back to them.

But like you said just rumors I guess.


But it does beg the question, why? Resources for a beta aren’t cheap. I’m not saying they should stop dev for China, but why not put beta on hold and take care of other regions first. No issues like that in the West. Heh.

My take is they already have a deal worked out with China. I’m guessing money and handshakes under the table were exchanged and probably some good Chinese food too.

Daniel Miller

Why…. Compared to China the west is pocket change and pety cash. Chins profuces 20x whatever ns eu can if not more.

Spend more snd you can be first region.