Red Dead Online will mosey on out later this week


Saddle up, cowpokes: The folks at Rockstar Games have announced that Red Dead Redemption 2’s multiplayer component, Red Dead Online, will be going live this week. Soon, players will be able to explore the Western frontier, go hunting and fishing, and of course straight-up murder everything that moves, but this time with friends.

Red Dead Online is being rolled out in waves, beginning on Tuesday, November 27th, and continuing until Friday, November 30th. The first frontiersmen to set forth into the wilds of RDO will be players with the Ultimate Edition of RDR2, who will get access on the 27th. They’ll be followed by players “who played Red Dead 2 on launch day” (i.e., October 26th) on November 28th, then by anyone “who played Red Dead 2 on launch weekend” (i.e., October 26th-29th) on November 29th, and finally by everyone else who owns the game on November 30th.

It’s worth noting that Rockstar is technically referring to this release as a beta, so players should expect all of the usual beta-y weirdness that should be familiar to anyone who played Grand Theft Auto Online back when it first came out. That is to say, it’ll probably be a buggy mess, but it’ll probably be an entertaining one.

Source: Kotaku
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I really lost interest once I hit chapter 6. It’s almost identical to the witcher 3.

Talk to person

Ride to whatever job that person wants you to do

Use your beer goggles or witcher vision to see invisible things and move the camera really slow.

Fight stuff


Im sick of riding somewhere just to ride somewhere. The game is amazing don’t get me wrong. Im just bored.

A Dad Supreme

Dammit! Still haven’t even gotten halfway on the storyline, just did a lot of side stories first.

DO NOT enter the cabin! DO NOT enter the cabin!


Grand Theft Horsey!

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Peregrine Falcon

I wonder if RD2 will be “more fun with friends.” :)

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Welp, I own a copy now but I haven’t played it yet. Guess I’ll start giving it a go this week to see if I’m interested enough to sub up to PS+ and see how it is.