Fortnite now has 200 million registered users

Why are you supporting this?

To get the obvious fact out of the way, yes, the latest Fortnite milestone is counting only how many registered users the game has and not active players. But that latter number seems to be at about 78 million, so hitting 200 million registered users is still a pretty major milestone. This means that you could fill a nation with nothing but registered Fortnite users and it would rank ahead of Bangladesh, Russia, and Japan in terms of overall occupancy.

It probably would not be a very good nation, because “we all play a video game” is not a spectacular foundation for government, but that’s not the point. This stat was included as part of the promotional material for the game’s launch in South Korea, which might push its registered user count to rival even larger nations. Not bad for a hastily converted single-player PvE survival game, then.

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i don’t believe i am, i don’t feel like i am, but you ever wonder if you are missing out on something? As in; enjoying a really great game?

Never played this, or any other BR type game, even PUBG, i have no desire whatsoever to even bother going to the website, let alone download and install, make an account, and then play it, sounds like allot of work to find out what i think i already know, i don’t like it.

But maybe i would, i dunno? i certainly can’t be bothered to even try and find out. Pretty sure anything that popular isn’t going to be for me.


It’s a great game, but I stopped playing due to burnout.