Ship of Heroes talks plainly about its FPS testing from a technical side

This is rendering at one frame per ever.

It’s very important to keep an eye on the FPS performance of an MMO, but it’s also something that tends to not be discussed through early testing. This is for several reasons; optimization is still incoming, individual hardware can vary a lot, and no one wants to be proud of a high framerate only to see it tanked when important systems are put into place. Ship of Heroes, however, has chosen to share the numbers for internal FPS testing, as well as showing off some screenshots of its tests involving cramming a whole lot of enemies and characters into one spot.

The results are pretty good for the game at this point in development, allowing large numbers of characters and enemies to exist in the same space while maintaining a minimum of 30 FPS (the design team’s stated goal for general play). This is also while using a client displaying all that it can possibly handle, so less demanding settings would likely be able to deal with a greater number of characters on screen. But you don’t have to take our word for it, as you can check out a full numerical breakdown on the official site. You can also peek at some screenshots just below, but static images tend to have a very low frame rate.

Source: Press release
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