Bless Online previews its 2019 plans, including the Mystic class and new RvR content


Another year is nearing its end, but in the latest Bless Online update post, the folks at Neowiz are already looking forward to what awaits the game in 2019. The highlight of the coming year is the introduction of the new Mystic class, which is slated to be added “in the first half of 2019.” There’s no official release date yet, as the team wants to “ensure a balanced, enjoyable experience with the Mystic” before they unleash it into the wild, but the post gives players an idea of what they can expect from the new class.

In short, the Mystic is going to be a healing-focused class, providing support-oriented players with an alternative to the only existing healing class, the Paladin. Unlike the Paladin, which primarily uses direct, single-target heals, the Mystic will employ a variety of HoT and DoT effects that “allow them to continuously damage enemies and help allies.”

The Mystic isn’t the only new addition that players can expect from the first half of 2019, however. The devs also mention that new dungeons, new skills, and new Realm vs. Realm content are all in the works. The RvR content is of particular interest, as “a new third power will appear and threaten both Hieron and Union” by invading their territories. What this enigmatic third power is, exactly, or how it will figure into the gameplay of Bless Online remains to be seen, but the post promises that players “can look forward to more updates about next year’s content down the road,” whenever that may be.

Source: Steam

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Unless they optimize the performance of the game on different hardware, this game is doomed to die once again.