Red Dead Online has a creative approach to handling griefing


So right now, I’m feeling the pain of being a PC-specific gamer: Not only can I not play Red Dead Redemption 2, but I can’t play Red Dead Online either, and that interests me as an MMO player much more, even with the relatively small instance size. What I can do is watch all the console players stumble through Rockstar’s beta, and that’s been amusing too. To wit:

Polygon’s got a piece up on how the parley and feud system works in a multiplayer setting. After being ganked in retaliation four (!) times, a victim is apparently offered a choice to feud or parley. The writer chose parley and found that the only option for the players for the next ten (!) minutes was to chat – no guns allowed. In this incident, it gave the parties enough time to be embarrassed and apologize and go on about their business. Clever.

The feud option sets off a three-minute duel that’s a bit more fair. After the feud is up, each player is on a one-kill timer before the parley/feud options pop up (instead of a four-kill timer).

Eventually, you’ll be able to play in passive mode, immune to ganking, but for now, you’re stuck with talking or shooting it out. But don’t worry too much since the chance is high that you won’t get to keep your progress anyway; as Rockstar noted yesterday, resets are possible.

“We hope that all player progress during this early period of the Beta will be able to remain intact long term, however as with many betas for large scale online experiences such as this, there is always the chance that we may need to implement rank or other stat resets in case of issues.”

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