Sea of Thieves launches its Shrouded Spoils update


30The prophecy has been fulfilled, for a very broad definition of “prophecy.” The new¬†Sea of Thieves update, Shrouded Spoils, is available now along with its full set of patch notes. There’s even a trailer just below, which is good news for people who like to watch update trailers and read patch notes at the same time. (We assume you’re out there.) Those simply playing the game will be more focused on the fact that the sea can now be covered in fog and is filled with more toothy megalodons to be fought.

Of course, the update also brings expanded ship customization, better rewards for fighting megalodons or krakens, and new loot in forts. There are also six new skeleton forts and new skeleton ships sailing the waters, some of which are passive and will not attack unless provoked while others will seek and destroy any nearby boats. Check out all the patch notes and get ready for the slow roll of ominous fog across the waters.


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