Closers will launch ‘frontline dynamo’ Luna on December 11 – here’s the trailer


En Masse is all about Luna in Closers this week. Calling her a “frontline dynamo,” the studio says it’s rolling out the new playable toon come December 11th, complete with her blend of offense and defense.

“Luna is a Shieldmaiden and a member of the Wildh├╝ter. Wielding the Aegis shield as her primary weapon, she is a frontline specialist with both high defense and an array of offensive skills at her disposal,” En Masse says. “Nothing brings pain more than a shield to the face!”

Of course, Closers does have more in store for the month of snowflakes and twinkly lights: It’s promising new themed cash shop items, Phantom Washing Machines (what?), and a winter login event that bestows everything from sub time to costumes on the playerbase.

Source: Press release


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