Star Conflict’s latest patch introduces the Jericho Pilgrim, a new weapon, and new ship modules


The latest update to Gaijin Entertainment’s free-to-play space sim Star Conflict is live, bringing with it a new ship, a new weapon, and a couple of new ship modules for players to employ in their interstellar battles. The new ship, the Jericho Pilgrim, was originally constructed as a transport ship to safely shuttle the inhabitants of Jericho on their pilgrimages to the Monolith (hence the name), but as some enterprising mercenaries have discovered, the vessel is capable of far more than just ferrying pilgrims — it can hold its own in combat as well. The Pilgrim is available to build with galactic standards for a limited time, until mid-December, at which point it will be pulled from the market until “the beginning of next year.”

In addition to snagging the new ship, players can get their hands on a brand-new weapon, the Thanatos railgun. This potent kinetic weapon fires deadly metal rails to perforate its targets, and any enemy who dies shortly after receiving a hit from the Thanatos will go out with an extra-large explosion, causing damage to any nearby ships. Pilots can also kit out their starships with the new Camouflage Shroud module, which fires a rocket that generates a shrouding field upon detonation. Any ships within the field’s radius are masked from detection, but their radars are rendered non-operational for the duration. To check out the specs on these new additions and check out all of the other changes and fixes in Star Conflict’s patch 1.5.9, be sure to check out the full post on the game’s official site.


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