Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Jedi Under Siege launches December 11

Geometry Wars.

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Jedi Under Siege is happening, folks, and it’s launching before Christmas: On December 11th, in fact.

“All-out war is imminent… and the fate of the Jedi is in your hands. On the ancient Jedi world of Ossus, the Sith Empire strikes the first blow in a renewed war against the Galactic Republic. As Commander of your Alliance, you must choose your loyalties: will you support your own faction, or secretly sabotage their efforts in order to support your former enemies?”

As we’ve previously reported, 5.10 promises a return to the classic Empire vs. Republic conflict following an extended tour of duty on Zakuul. The official site lists all of the major features coming with the patch, including the planet Ossus questing area, the Gods from the Machine master mode op, guild improvement, and masterwork armor.

Meanwhile, it’s a real Gree-for-all in there. The game is taking you to Fun Gree Town. It’s the land of the Gree and the home of the… also Gree. Look, the point here is that the game’s Relics of the Gree event has kicked off once again on Ilum, also known as “the frozen wasteland that is not Hoth.” And yes, if you’re familiar with the even from previous incarnations, you will have a good picture of what the event looks like. Players can earn reputation, unlock Gray Helix weaponry, unlock the Scalene armor sets in an assortment of colors, and have a grand old time hanging out with the tentacled masters of technology while beating up a wide variety of droids. The event runs until December 4th, so be sure to identify your robot-related goals early and work fast.

Source: Official Site. Cheers, Greaterdivinity!
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