The Crew 2’s next update is literally about smashing cars into other cars, finally


You know, but for the fact that I’ve been working ahead on holiday recaps and awards and have seen The Crew 2 pop up a few times in my research, I might have forgotten that Ubisoft launched the game this year. But it did indeed! And it’s due for its second big update in December. And what’s more fun than driving cars across the countryside? How about smashing cars into each other? Heck yeah.

“The Demolition Derby update introduces a new Demolition Derby discipline where competitors must try to earn a top-three spot by getting the highest score in a limited amount of time. Two new arenas have been built to house the destruction. The Bonneville Salt Flat where players will earn points by crushing their opponents’ cars while avoiding obstacles like being smashed by an elevator, a spring-loaded boxing glove or other cars. And a new circuit built in the heart of the Tucson aircraft cemetery, where players will be able to push their opponents off of the track for even more devastation.”

That kinda already sounds like PvP, but Ubi is getting specific with a dedicated PvP mode too.

“In addition to the Demolition Derby discipline, the update brings the highly anticipated PvP mode to The Crew 2. Starting at the Rookie level, up to eight players can compete against each other in a variety of disciplines, such as Street Racing and Motocross, in a constantly renewed selection of events across the US map. Players eager to shift the competition into top gear can enter in the in-game PvP leagues for higher stakes and rewards. Four new demolition derby cars will be included in the update and for the first time in The Crew 2, whether in a specific mode or in freedrive, the demolition derby cars will be completely destructible.”

The update is set to roll out on December 5th across PC and console, and yes, it’s free for owners of the game.

Source: Press release

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