Crowfall details Promotion Classes in latest dev blog


There are already plenty of ways to customize your character in ArtCraft Entertainment’s upcoming PvP-focused MMO Crowfall, with its variety of races, classes, disciplines, and more, but a recent update from the devs has unveiled yet another layer of character personalization in the form of the game’s Promotion Class sytem. Each class in the game has three unique Promotion Classes into which it can advance, with each Promotion Class providing new and unique tools to further tailor your character to suit your playstyle.

Take, for example, the game’s token stealth-and-stab class, the Assassin. Through the Promotion Class system, it can choose to progress into a Blackguard, which emphasizes the use of poisons and crowd-control abilities. Alternatively, it can instead become a Cutthroat, which focuses more on stealth and subterfuge by providing buffs to its Shadow Strike and Backstab abilities in addition to a damage bonus when striking an enemy from behind. Or, going toe-to-toe with your foes is more your style, you can make your Assassin into a Vandal, which provides additional defensive capabilities — such as a chance to cheat death when receiving an attack that would otherwise kill you — and adds bleed effects to certain abilities.

Each of the game’s 11 base classes has its own unique selection of Promotion Classes from which to choose, and you can read all about them over on Crowfall’s official site.

Source: Official Site, 2

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David Blair

The article says “may choose”… Are these like D&D Prestige classes where you can also decide to remain the base class at higher levels or are they subclasses where you have to pick one (or not picking one is pointless)?


These options all sound great! For those in the beta, have the combat animations gotten any better? They looked awful last time I watched a vid of this game.