MapleStory 2’s Skybound expansion soars into action on December 6th


The folks at Nexon have been steadily churning out MapleStory 2 updates since the game’s launch last month, and now the devs have announced the imminent release of the game’s first major content expansion, Skybound. The update will be released in phases, beginning with the first on December 6th, and it’s bringing with it a slew of new features, including new factions, new missions, and a brand-new playable class.

[AL:MS2]As the update’s name might suggest, Skybound takes players high into the air, where they’ll board the mighty airship known as Sky Fortress and encounter new factions such as “the honorable warriors of the Royal Guard, the cunning agents of Dark Wind, and the secretive spellcasters of the Lumiknights.” The update will also introduce a slew of new missions as well as the new Maple Arena, where players can square off against each other in 1v1 battles to claim glory and new PvP gear.

Arguably the main focus of the update, however, is the introduction of the Soul Binder class. This powerful spellcaster wields “deep, spiritual magic” known as animus, with which it can crush its enemies and empower its allies in equal measure. Through the use of Mantra Cores, the Soul Binder can empower its spells to amplify their effects and provide high burst damage or emergency healing as the need arises.

The new Skybound content isn’t all that players can expect in the near future, though. The most recent producer’s letter has revealed that there is an “experiment” event coming to the game’s hard adventure dungeons. From December 6th until January 10th, all hard adventure dungeons will drop an item tentatively named Epic Toad’s Enchanting Stone Fragments. Players will receive 10 fragments per dungeon clear, and they can use 20 fragments to create an Epic Toad’s Enchanting Stone, which in turn “can be consumed instead of a copy of gear that you need to use when enchanting Epic gear.”

To learn more about the Soul Binder and all the other new features coming with MapleStory 2’s Skybound update, be sure to check out the full announcement on the game’s official site, and for more information about the upcoming dungeon event, you can find all the details in the latest producer’s letter.

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