Toontown Rewritten’s latest player update buffs options and character movement


Massively OP’s own Justin “The Game Archaeologist” Olivetti deep-dived the history of Toontown Online in his column just about a year ago, but truth be told, a lot of you probably missed that, just as you probably missed the game itself, since it launched the same year as powerhouses EVE Online and Star Wars Galaxies, only to be sunsetted a decade later as Disney shifted priorities to other online titles.

But at the time, and again earlier this year, we covered fan efforts to restore the game as an emulator: Toontown Rewritten. Over the last five years, the game pushed through alpha, beta, launch, and multiple updates. It even sponsors ToonFest, a con in Pittsburgh, as it did this past July.

This week, Toontown Rewritten has released yet another major update, the modestly named Options Update. Apparently this is something the playerbase really wanted.

“Today, we abandon the direction of the Arrow Keys and tell Control that it can’t control us any longer. We’ll delete the Delete key and throw pies the way we want to throw them. TODAY, dear Toons, we finally have OPTIONS! [..] Using a new Options Panel created specially for your customizing creativity, you can now set any action in Toontown to any key that you want.”

The devs have also added a walk key and smoothed character movement – each tweak “a small step [they’re] taking to modernize Toontown.”

Source: Official site via Kotaku

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