DC Universe Online kicks off its seasonal event with a celebration of greed

It's the most whateverful time.

It’s the holiday season, and DC Universe Online wants to celebrate the true meaning of the season: getting stuff. That might sound wrong, but we all know that your primary interest in this year’s winter holidays is, well, getting new things. So you can roam throughout Metropolis and Gotham in a quest to recover stolen gifts, bringing them back to their rightful owners and earning stuff for yourself in the process. Everybody wins, aside from the seasonal villain. He loses out pretty badly.

Players can also get more stuff for the same amount of stuff; visiting Skeets’ Workshop will offer daily discounts for players, so you can pick up more stuff for the same amount of currency (or the same amount of stuff for less currency, however you want to frame it). The event runs until January 2nd, 2019, so you’ll have plenty of time to find gifts, get yourself some gifts, and celebrate the spirit of getting stuff for the year.


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I really should check in on my characters here — I’m just kind of out of the superhero mood right now.

Thanks for the tip, Eliot!