Destiny 2 previews some new weapons arriving with The Black Armory


Tomorrow, Bungie will be unlocking the gates to Destiny 2’s Black Armory, which will be bringing with it new missions, new locations, and of course, new weapons — it is an armory, after all. While players await the update’s release, the devs have dropped a new video that previews some of the fine armaments Guardians will be able to add to their arsenals when The Black Armory opens its doors.

Players who like to do their killing from a safe distance will almost certainly want to get their hands on the new sniper rifle, Izanagi’s Burden, which can unload its entire clip in a single shot for massive damage. And if you think high-tech rifles make things just a bit too easy, you can deliver death the primitive way with the new bow, Le Monarque, which creates a poison cloud with each precision kill.

Also on offer are the Jötunn fusion rifle, which sets the ground ablaze with every shot, and the grenade launcher Anarchy, whose projectiles link together to create an arc field that damages any enemies unlucky enough to be caught within. This is only a selection of the impressive weaponry on display, so if you want to check out the full roster for yourself, be sure to check out the full video on the official Destiny Twitter.

Source: Twitter

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James Crow

not alot of D2 players here i see.
anyway for me, right now its the main game, they really improve the game over time.

yes there are somethings i would like to see in the future but right now its better than D1 and the only game that really combine FPS with RPG elements.

Kickstarter Donor

Oh, I play Destiny 2 quite a bit, and like it a lot better now that “Forsaken” brought back more of a focus on lore and story.

I just didn’t have much to say to this article because it’s basically announcing “New weapons to arrive!”, and my response is just “Oh, okay, thanks for the heads-up”.

Until I try the new stuff out for myself, I just don’t have much to contribute. :-)

Cheers, James,

James Crow

yes its only:
new weapons

we dosnt really know if the leak story going to be in it.
-if you remember on destiny 1 we got alot of leaks that never maid untill Destiny 2.

i dont have the second season pass and i think ill wait for more info before i get it – aftrer all the first season pass was not worth it :D

David Blair

James, you’d be a good one to ask. I started at Destiny 2 and wondered if it’s worth grabbing a copy of Destiny 1 on the cheap for the story?

James Crow

mmm there is not really alot of story but its a fun ride.
i think if you want to play it why not but most of the players moved-on (you can still find someone for endgame content on discord)

if you want to skip it you can always watch on youtube.
but as a game, its really fun and not that diffrent from 2 (i think the main reason they made a sequel was to get the PC Players to play a “new game”)

if its a cheap, grab it, play the story and than put it aside and comeback to 2 :)

Danny Smith

i’m more interested in the leaked cutscene showing

a ghost raising uldren as its guardian
which storywise is the most interesting thing bungies done since the siva infested iron lords.

Jack Kerras

Yeah, this’d be cool if any of the fucking things ever drop.