Rumor: Daybreak might be building a new PlanetSide game


So who else had “the PlanetSide franchise gets a class-based battle royale” in the predictions pool? Welp, looks like it’s happening. We’ve gotten several unsubstantiated tips on this now, but the trademark filing for something called PlanetSide Arena, as linked to us by tipster Scott, makes them all look a lot more legitimate.

Of course, MMO players will recall that Daybreak has filed trademarks that as yet haven’t gone anywhere, but it looks like those odd lore additions in PlanetSide 2 this summer and the uptick in game development this year weren’t a happy accident. We’ll be filing this one under rumor until we know more.

Source: Trademarkia via Twitter. With thanks to Fantmx, Scott, and Anon.
Update Dec 5
A reader named Daniel has also pointed us to what looks like Daybreak’s official YouTube channel for the new game too. Now there’s something fun to sub to.

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