RuneScape deleted its RTS minigame-within-a-game with today’s patch


RuneScape dev Jagex is clearly feeling the Christmas madness already with today’s update. “Remember when they used to count down to Christmas with shopping days? That was before EVERY day was a shopping day. Not that anyone goes to the high street to shop anymore, of course.” We hear you, Jagex.

Anyway, that’s just the start of this week’s letter and patch notes from the team, which actually does outline today’s update. The patch includes three new alchemical onyx items and the start of the Christmas advent calendar with rewards every day. The patch also takes away some old content, which may or may not be to your liking:

“As many of you are aware, we’re going to be removing Mobilising Armies from the game. As a result, we’ve been figuring out how to ensure that its rewards remain accessible to everyone and that nobody misses out on anything as a result of the change.”

As the RuneScape wiki notes, Mobilising armies was essentially an RTS minigame for subbers, first implemented in 2009. The minigame-related items have been pulled from the game, but Jagex has managed to convert what needed converting and hang on to things like music, achievements, and teleports for posterity.

Source: Patch notes
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