Saga of Lucimia’s pre-alpha 11 is live December 8 with SWG-style wounds and battle fatigue


If you’ve been following Saga of Lucimia, you probably know how the game’s build tests work in pre-alpha: Stormhaven opens the servers periodically with the latest build to showcase for its early backers and preorder buyers how the game is coming along. That’s what it did for release 10 back in June, and now here we are in December, with release 11 slated to run on December 8th through 14th (at the very least).

Lucimia is touting its new patcher, shared banks, inventory upgrades, and nerfed overland animals in the outpost zone (they’re harder as you spread out; for example, “mobs in the 4k zone are tuned for groups of 4 to 8 players”). Wounds and battle fatigue are in too, in case you’re up for some of those old-school “designed downtime” mechanics.

“Mechanics-wise, wounds and battle fatigue are now in-game in their earliest iterations,” the devs write. “Wounds are applied to your physical health, and essentially lower your cap per wound. For example: your health cap is 100% with no wounds. Every wound you receive pushes your cap down. Wounds are applied via traumatic events (such as being knocked unconscious), and have a chance to be applied via crit hits from mobs against you during combat. Battle fatigue works in a similar fashion in that it lowers your stamina cap, thus making you less effective over time. You accrue battle fatigue during combat.”

And how do you get rid of those effects once you’ve got ’em?

“Long-term, the system will work as follows: players will be able to remove wounds using a variety of abilities + reagents. Player-built campfires (which will require reagents + abilities within the Survival mastery line) will also be another way to “rest up” and remove wounds. Alternatively, players can go to the nearest tavern and hang out inside for a yet-to-be-determined length of time and have their wounds automatically removed (like in Star Wars: Galaxies). Battle fatigue can only be removed by resting at a campfire or tavern.”


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Cosmic Cleric

Nice!, as always.


I think this is a great concept, and a good return to the idea that tactics and working together can make a big difference in the pace of moving forward in an adventure.

That being said, a little bit of this goes a long way. To much and it becomes a huge burden and a drag on fun. The trick is to make it so that if everyone is working as a team and playing smart, wounds and fatigue happen rarely or in very small amounts.

Just my 2c from years in EQ1 starting in 2000. :)

Tim Anderson

It’s already that way. Play smart, and you’ll rarely have any downtime.

Charge in without strategy, try to play max DPS like you do in other games and ignore strategic pulls and crowd control, try to solo your way beyond your limits into territory that is specifically designed for groups, and you’ll go splat.


Very nice! Looking forward to playing in this world. :)