Guild Wars 2’s Wintersday events arrive next week


Winter is coming! And so is Wintersday, at least in Guild Wars 2. ArenaNet anounced today that it’ll deck out Divinity’s Reach with the traditional festival starting December 11th.

Last year’s events featured Tixx’s Infinarium, the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle, Toypocalypse, the most epic snowball fight ever, winter achievements – and the cash shop’s gotten an infusion of winter-themed items a week early too.

If your hopes for a living story episode before the holiday were somehow still alive even after the dating for that last balancing patch and roller beetle tomfoolery, this should properly dash them, but in a happy, festive, snowman-bedecked way, yes? (For reference, last year’s festival rolled out on December 12th with that balance patch.)

Source: Twitter
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RIP my dream of getting a legendary longbow before the year is over.

I’ll have to make sure to put in extra effort to pelt people with snowballs during Snowball Mayhem to get the frustration out. :P