Rend unveils sweeping crafting revamp focused on streamlining the early game

Rend unveils sweeping crafting revamp focused on streamlining the early game

Survival MMO Rend has big changes for crafting on the horizon, according to the dev blog Frostkeep put out earlier this evening, and it’s all based on early access feedback. Wild thought here: What if developers actually made crafting… fun? And not just for weirdos like me who enjoy the grueling economy grind?

Frostkeep’s plan is a tree-parter, focused on material sourcing, recipe updates, and a reduction in time gates “with the intent of reducing complexity and tedium” that “shift[s] the deeper gameplay towards late-game while fresh recruits enjoy a more streamlined experience in their first hours of Rend.”

“Nearly every recipe in the game has been updated to require basic materials as opposed to rarer drops. Every creature in the game now reliably drops one of four resources instead of tiered material types on right-click harvesting: leather, tough skin, chitin, and fur. Many of the creature-specific harvests on left-click have also been removed for the sake of simplification. […] We’ve also taken a level of unnecessary time gating out of the crafting system by removing the majority of refined materials.”

Naturally, players can expect an overhaul of crafting trees and recipe allocation as well as a crafting UI cleanup too. Check out the complete run-down on the official site.

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I played it the other day and do have to say that reworking the early game is probably a good thing.

But gutting complexity from the crafting recipesand the need to hunt for specific resources is probably not the right way to fix how there is zero explanation on shit, and that the “knowledge / skills” tab is for buying your skill progression with (what I am assuming is going to be) cash shop currency, and that the actual “crafting” tab is how you actually unlock skills through gameplay.

… Didn’t help that meat expires damn near instantly, items in your hot bar do not show up in your inventory tab, and that the game will auto add loot and crafted items (like campfires) to said hot bar.

Basicly: I played it for 45 minutes, spent 30 of those just figuring shit out, by then I was half dead from starvation and thirst, but all my meat had already spoiled, and I had 5 campfires in my hotbar.