Sea of Thieves shows off its new Shrouded Spoils update in latest stream highlights video


Last week, Sea of Thieves’s major content update Shrouded Spoils hit the high seas, adding a slew of new content to Rare’s piracy sandbox, and today, the devs have released a new video featuring some highlights from livestreams of the new update. Over the course of the video, Design Director Mike Chapman, Community Video Manager Jon McFarlane and Executive Producer Joe Neate crew up with Twitch streamers CaptainAshBacon and CyborgAngel and set sail to discover all that Shrouded Spoils has to offer.

There’s skeleton fort raids, naval warfare, shark attacks, the occasional bit of devious treachery, and of course, plenty of fog on offer, in addition to a whole bunch of cartoonishly huge explosions thanks to the newly added mega-keg. The video, being as it is compiled of various snippets of a much longer stream, defies concise summary, but if you’re interested to see Shrouded Spoils in action and to hear Neate, Chapman, and McFarlane give some behind-the-scenes details about the process of bringing the update to life, you’d do well to check out the full video just below.

Source: YouTube
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