Temtem’s alpha adds Luma Ganki along with numerous bug fixes


The initial backer alpha release of Temtem was pretty short on critters to catch, partly by design. So it’s a good thing that the patch notes for patch 0.1.3 note front and center that Luma Ganki has been added to the list of beasties you can encounter. It’s pretty adorable, contrary to what a name like “ganki” might suggest to seasoned MMO veterans. There’s also a new battle intro along with several tweaks, like improving player positioning code on the server side, cheaper Revive pricing, and improved Luis dialogue about the surfboard.

This also includes a host of actual bug fixes, correcting issues like the Turquesa Ferry quest not offering its rewards or the Techniques incorrectly set as Status moves instead of their actual type. It’s how you know the game is in early testing, because the list of fixes is longer than the list of additions. Still, it should make the game more fun to play even in this early version, and you’ve got a new little friend to make in the wild.

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