Ultima Online patches in its new Krampus battle


The Krampus, once an obscure bit of Christmas trivia, has become a blessing for MMOs eager to let you fight something for the holiday. Now you can fight it in Ultima Online as well, provided you’ve done some trading beforehand. The rewards of the fight are based upon trading, you see; if you’ve done no trade routes since your last Krampus fight, he only has a small chance to drop rewards, but if you’ve done three or more, you’re almost assured a good drop.

Of course, there are more features in the update; players can also enjoy new holiday gifts, a new incarnation of the Artisan Festival, and combat updates like the removal of magic fish pies soaking damage. The work put in before Thanksgiving for this holiday certainly seems to have paid off. Check out the full set of patch notes for all the details on what you can loot from the Krampus, and get ready to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas: fighting monsters inspired by German folklore.

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