World of Warcraft previews the pet-battling halls of Gnomeregan


So did you think you have explored every possible permutation of Gnomeregan in World of Warcraft? Don’t be silly, you still have to go through it as a pet battle dungeon! The game’s upcoming patch will allow avid pet trainers a chance to fight through the dungeon’s normal mode and challenge mode, unlocking the former with at least one battle pet at level 25. Successfully clearing the dungeon earns an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone and the ability to teleport directly to the dungeon entrance.

Of course, the challenge mode is far more trying and requires 15 max-level pets; successfully clearing it the first time unlocks a mini spider-tank pet, and subsequent clears will let you unlock more new pets, new toys, and boxes of useful items. It might not do much to advance the war of Horde vs. Alliance, but it will certainly do wonders for the war of your specially trained battle pets vs. any critter you want to add to that army.

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Dug From The Earth

I wanted to like pet battles. The ridiculous cooldown between when you could heal your pets and do another battle made me hate it.

So now its a game feature I completely ignore.


what is this cooldown? when was it introduced? I have not played since WoD.

Dug From The Earth

Last I checked, its 1 heal every 8 minutes or so. I didnt bother looking during legion or BFA because that was enough to turn me off to the entire system.

There really shouldnt be ANY cooldown. Each battle should be its own challenge. Starting a fight with injured pets is just dumb.

Vice Vandal

Cool. I was so bored with BfA that I levelled an alt from 80 to 110 with pet battles so I’m looking forward to this.


*Left pigtail slaps mechanical spider for 20 points of damage*

*Mechanical spider bites left pigtail for 30 points of damage*

*Left pigtails punches mechanical spider for 40 points of damage*

*Mechanical spider poisons left pigtail for 25 points of damage per second*

*Left pigtail then turns greens and dies, and I let out a suppressed scream*

*Right pigtail instant pyroblast crits mechanical spider for 120 points of damage*

*Mechanical spider is instantly incinerated and I win!*

…or something like that. >.<