Blade & Soul’s Theater of Mystery update takes the stage today


Today, NCSoft is pulling back the curtain on Blade & Soul’s latest update, Theater of Mystery, which introduces an increased level cap, a new heroic dungeon, a new solo dungeon, a new in-game event, and improvements to many of the game’s systems. Taking center stage in the update is the new heroic dungeon, Dreamsong Theater, which will challenge players to put a stop to a nefarious theater troupe that has been “enchanting and enrapturing the Dasari elite with a hypnotic miasma — before killing them on stage one by one.” Players will have to break a leg (and probably some faces, as well) if they want to make it out alive.

The update also introduces the Den of the Ancients solo heroic dungeon, in which players will square off against three immortal spirit guides to prove their skill in combat — and to get their hands on some shiny new loot, as well. And just in time for the holidays, the update also brings with it the Holiday Treasure Trove event. For the duration of the event, which will run until December 26th, players will have the opportunity to earn a variety of seasonal gifts, including cosmetic items, crafting materials, and upgrade items. If you want to check out all of the new Theater of Mystery content, you can read the full patch notes over on the game’s official site.

Source: Patch Notes
Looks like there’s been a bit of a delay:

And live now!

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