Dungeons and Dragons Online’s latest update buffs bards and adds new quests


Bards, tune those lutes and warm up those pipes: The latest update to Dungeons and Dragons Online is live today, and it brings with it a slew of improvements to the Bard class as well as a new questline and a handful of improvements to the game’s loot and spellcasting systems. With this update, Bards will now have an easier time than ever buffing their allies with their magical melodies, as all Bard songs are now consolidated into the Bardic Inspiration feat, meaning that Bards will no longer have to spend precious time applying every song’s effect individually.

The Bard isn’t the only class getting some love in this update, however. Eldritch Knights have also received some improvements to its progression path, the full details of which are so comprehensive as to defy succinct summary, but Eldritch Knights should now have more options at their disposal for all of their spellslinging and sword-swinging needs.

And all players regardless of class can now delve into a brand-new adventure, The Khorvaire Shipment, in which players are tasked with aiding a Warforged salvage company in the recovery of some precious cargo from a ship that capsized off the coast of Stormreach. Of course, it’s unlikely that they’re the only people looking to claim the sunken treasure for themselves, so players should be prepared to fend off competitors if they want to escape with the cargo (and their lives) intact.

For all the details on the myriad improvements and additions included in the update, you can check out the complete patch notes over on the game’s official site.

Source: Patch Notes. Thanks, DDOCentral!
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I miss this game. I played it from beta up until maybe 5-6 years ago. I keep meaning to come back. I worry I’m to much of a graphic snob though. I know it will never happen, but if this came to Xbox is never stop playing.


The name of the new quest is Lost at Sea, not The Khorvaire Shipment! And there is only one quest in this update. The Eldritch Knight is also a Wizard class enhancement tree, not a class in itself.


Well aren’t you fun… Also, it can also be a Sorc tree, fyi.