EVE Online releases its monthly economic report for November

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Didn’t we just have an economic report from EVE Online? Yes, we did. However, that report from October came out late, while this report from November has arrived nice and early. And it features some changes from the last report, too; Domain now tops the exports list, with Heimatar and The Citadel not far behind, while Delve remains the center of production. Also the central hotspot for NPC bounties, as it turns out.

Of course, if you’re an old hand at carefully examining the monthly economic report for the game, you are probably also quite familiar with the game’s economic patterns and thus don’t require an elaborate explanation from us. And if you’ve never read the reports before… well, odds are it’s going to look like a whole lot of impenetrable numbers analyzing the game’s economy. So either go forth and analyze or wait for other people to analyze in exacting detail. Have fun either way!


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Wilhelm Arcturus

The whole regional imports and exports aspect of the MER is pretty broken, as CCP just counts the estimated cost of everything travelling in and out of a region.

So, for example, if you ship things back and forth to Jita in a jump freighter, each time you go back and forth from your home region, that jump freighter counts as both an export when you leave and an import when you arrive back home.

Balance of trade can also be wonky. If you deploy a fleet of titans to another region one month, the home region is suddenly a huge exporter. Then when you come back home the next month suddenly imports are up.

But if you know what you’re looking at, you can still glean some information from those charts.