Final Fantasy XI is giving a lot of jobs a patch of power for the holidays

Get some.

The Starlight Celebration is heading to¬†Final Fantasy XI as it does every year, but players are getting a different sort of present with the upcoming version update for December. A new job trait is being added and damage formulas are being changed which are promised to affect a wide range of jobs. While we don’t know exactly what formula is getting adjusted, there’s a promise that it will make a number of jobs feel like they’ve got an extra something… and that alone should be reason for excitement. More power!

Speaking of more power, the Ambuscade weapons are getting another layer of reforging added (and they’ll get even more powerful in the future) while the monthly enemies swap around once more, this time bringing out an iron giant to face off with players. The Ephemeral Moogle’s storage system is also getting an update, ensuring another benefit for players of all types. It’s like a holiday miracle!

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