New MapleStory 2 previews the Maple Arena and other Skybound Expansion content


Tomorrow, the first phase of MapleStory 2’s Skybound Expansion will take flight, bringing with it a slew of new content. In preparation for the update’s imminent release, Nexon has published a new producer’s blog that delves into detail about some of the major new features, including the Maple Arena PvP system and the new Soul Binder class.

[AL:MS2]The Maple Arena promises “purely skill based PvP” for all players level 50 or higher. Matches will be fought in a best two out of three format, and “various stats are scaled” to ensure a relatively even match-up, though there’s also “powerful Arena-Exclusive equipment” with unique, PvP-specific stats available for purchase. For participating in Maple Arena PvP, players will earn Valor Tokens that can be spent on “unique items from the Arena Shop.” In addition, the top players of each four-week PvP season will earn a variety of rewards upon the season’s conclusion, including mesos, unique mounts, name tags, and more.

The update will also allow players to take on the mantle of the new Soul Binder class, which wields powerful spirit magic that can mend allies and destroy enemies in equal measure. The producer’s blog announces that in order to “let players make faster progress with the new class,” the devs will be providing players with a Level 60 Achievement package containing a level-up potion that instantly boosts the character who consumes it to level 50 in addition to a selection of useful gear and accessories. The account-bound package can be earned by simply reaching level 10 on any character, but the catch is that players won’t be able to open the package until they get at least one character to level 60.

If you want to learn more about the Maple Arena and all of the other content coming with the Skybound Expansion update, be sure to check out the full producer’s blog over at the game’s official site.

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