Wakfu makes changes to boosters and trade with its next update

You gotta keep 'em separated.

The next update for Wakfu is bringing in new nations, which will give players a lot of new things to do, but it’s also giving a boost to in-game boosters. It’s also giving a boost to not having boosters. Starting with the update, players will have free access to transportation and quick use of consumables regardless of whether or not they have boosters active, which is a universal boost under any circumstances.

Meanwhile, boosted players will have a boost to their boosts, with experience boosted to an extra 50% rather than 30% and loot boosted by 25% rather than 10%. So it should put a boosted spring in your boosted step, even with one of the previous boosts now boosting everyone. Of course, you’ve probably reached the point where “boost” no longer looks like a real word, but you’ll be happy to know that the price for boosters remains un-boosted, which should… bolster your spirits.


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