Dual Universe releases lengthy alpha video demoing its current sandbox content


Dual Universe has been in alpha only a week, but the team is already celebrating with a new video designed to introduce future gamers to what exactly is in the game as it stands, including shopping, running around on planetary surfaces, and navigating ships.

“To celebrate this exciting milestone and build upon the game’s recently-released launch trailer, the team has put together a brand new video that offers an in-depth look at all the features currently available in Dual Universe’s Alpha 1,” Novaquark says. “[It] includes everything from creation tools for building futuristic cityscapes, to hoverbikes for exploring uncharted planets.”

MMORPG gamers will recall that Dual Universe is being built by a well-funded French outfit that funded successfully on Kickstarter; the game is an ambitious sci-fi sandbox heavily focused on voxel-style building, exploration, and crafting in addition to flight and combat. It’s still expected to fully launch in 2020. MOP’s own MJ Guthrie got the grand tour of the current state of the game back in November; check that out after you’ve seen the new video!

Source: Press release
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Barnoc N'Draak

I’m looking forward to this. It seems like a better version of landmark crossed with scrap mechanic.

I want to make a shadow vessel from B5.


Can’t wait for this game to release.